Current Gratitude

Having the right perspective is one of the most important tactics I've found for living a happy life. Up until a few years ago I was someone who let my emotions and outside situations I couldn't control get the best of me. I was not a morning person and would wake up every morning dreading the day ahead. If anything bad happened that wasn't part of my "plan" it would send my day into a downward spiral of negativity that I let get the best of me.

As a self-professed planner it was so hard letting go of (what I thought was) my white-knuckled grip on life. But when I realized that no amount of attempted human control can match the plan God has for our lives my entire view completely changed for the better.

Rather than grumpily waking up each morning dreading what bad things might take my "plan" off course, I now wake up feeling thankful simply to be alive and experience a new day. By not taking a single thing for granted I opened up my eyes to the pure beauty of the world and life in general. If you take the time to notice you realize that there are so many things big and small to be thankful for each day.

Switching your perspective from pessimism to gratitude honestly makes life so much better. It allows you to realize how completely lucky you are, and that even on the hardest days your life is still overflowing with blessings.

What I'm grateful for this week:
Having the opportunity to have this internship in Disney and experience something new every day.
The gorgeous, slightly cooler weather we had yesterday.
My health and the awesome fitness classes I've been attending at gym I joined here in Florida.
My fun, silly, awesome roommates.
Having a huge passion for my chosen career path and making steps to achieve my goals. 
God's continued faithfulness each and every day.

 I plan to share what I'm grateful here each week. I would love for you to leave what you are grateful for in the comments so that we can all recognize and celebrate the beauty of life that's found in things big and small. :) 

-Lanie W.

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  1. LOVE this post! I've been trying to get into the grateful mode before (slowly) getting out of bed every morning. :)



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