Pearl Jam

As is the case with most southern women, pearls have always been a staple in my jewelry line-up. The first earrings I received after (finally) getting my ears pierced were an adorable pair of little pearl studs that made me feel like such a grown-up. When I graduated from high school my Grandma gave me a stunning pearl necklace and earring set that's easily one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry I own. I wear the earrings every single day and honestly feel naked without them.

This season pearls have resurfaced in mainstream fashion, but in a way that's quite different from their classic counterpart. After hopping over to the C. Wonder website last week I discovered their latest jewelry release included a really cool mash-up of dainty pearls and edgy gold hardware. I would never have thought of mixing these two together, but the result is seriously awesome. I love that fashion has no boundaries these days. Unexpected combinations like this really make me look at things in a new way and re-ignite my passion for great style.

Pearls x Studs
What do you think about this latest reincarnation of pearl jewelry? Do you like the new style or prefer the simple elegance of the traditional look? Hope your weekend is full of happiness, relaxation, and fun! xx

-Lanie W.

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