Fun fact: Gopher tortoises are native to the town where I'm from! They used to inhabit the region so heavily that they inspired my town's annual fall festival called "Gopher Hill". One even lived on my family's property for a while, which was so cool. Because of this tortoise print has always been close to my heart. It's such a classic pattern that goes so well with just about everything. There is a reason tortoise sunnies have been so popular for years and years! Lately, I've been getting into tortoise jewelry too!


I would pair any of these pieces with a crisp white oxford and a great pair of jeans. The wonderful thing about tortoiseshell is that it's the perfect mix of dressy and casual. It could work just as easily for a day of brunch and shopping as it would for a drink on the town. Emily Driscoll rocks the tortoiseshell Design Darling necklace perfectly in the photo below. 

 Do you have any tortoiseshell jewelry? What do you pair it with? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


  1. LOVE tortoisehsell! All of my sunglasses in the past (besides my Ray-ban aviators) have been tortoiseshell. I just feel like it's less harsh than black and has a little more style.


    1. I so agree! PS- just stalked your blog & loved it! Such a cute name/layout, and from what I can tell from your content we have very similar taste! Can't wait to keep reading! :) -Lanie


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