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Y'all. I'm having one of those "oh my word if I don't get this soon I'm going to freak" moments. These cravings come on from time to time. I see something online (thanks Pinterest) and then start obsessing and can't get it out of my head. Right now I cannot stop thinking about crisp pajama sets. Yes, I know- weird obsession, but come on- look at these fab ladies:

So much better than a ratty t-shirt!

A couple years ago I bought a pink & white striped menswear inspired pj set from Victoria Secret, and I adore them. When I wear them around my apartment, or to sleep, I just feel so much more adult, put together, and just fabulous. I never feel that way when I just throw on an old tee and pair of comfy shorts. I love the feeling so much I am just dying for another pair!  Enter, J. Crew naturally.

I want the white short sleeved set so badly, but the rational side of my brain is having trouble justifying spending almost a hundred dollars on a pair of pajamas. Le sigh. One day these babies will be mine, and I have a feeling my frivolous side will end up winning this battle. ;) Do you wear pajama sets? If you have a pair from J. Crew let me know how you like them!

-Lanie W.

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