Maxi Dress Style

So the maxi trend is nothing new at this point. These long dresses (or skirts) have been around and thriving for a couple of seasons now. However, I have yet to join the maxi lovers. Being a petite girl (5'3) I've always thought that maxis would drown me, and I would be constantly tripping over the extra fabric pooling at my ankles.  Surprisingly, after a recent Target excursion I tried on two maxis that fit perfectly and hit at just the right length!

So cute, right? Merona is by far my favorite Target brand. Their pieces are so classic and fun! These dresses were both so comfortable and I could easily see wearing them with simple leather sandals for day, or wedges for night! I didn't get them, but I might just have to go back for the second dress. I just love the blue watercolor print and the greek key bottom! Do you love maxi dresses? How do you style them? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


  1. I love these! I'm also petite (5'2") so maxi dresses scare me. I guess I'll have to check out Target!

  2. the first dress looks very nice! :)



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