Shopping In The Kids Section

I'm a short girl and have always had such trouble finding clothes that were both age appropriate and fit correctly. As a child it was fine, but when I turned 12 and still had to shop in the 'kids' section, I was so embarrassed.  I waited for what seemed like a million years to finally be able to shop at "teenage" stores. I would walk past what were the 'cool' stores at the time (i.e. American Eagle/Hollister) with such envy for the girls who could wear their clothes. I'll never forget the first time I actually shopped there, I felt like the biggest deal ever. (For the record: I definitely don't shop at either of those stores anymore)

Since those days I haven't even thought about shopping in the children's section because I've always had to try really hard just to look my age (everyone thinks I'm 2 to 5 years younger than I actually am). However, I've heard so many good things about J. Crew's Crewcuts collection that I decided to go take a look for myself. Let me just say, wow! So many cute things.


I'm so obsessed with that pom-pom blouse and the coral shift dress! After finding such cute things at J. Crew I decided to go check out some of my other favorite stores' kids sections. Turns out that Gap was even better than J. Crew! And am I the only one who didn't know that DVF did a collection for their kids section?! So adorable. 


Love love love. Do y'all ever shop in the kids sections? The clothes are surprisingly chic, and the best part is they're usually half the price of regular clothing. Can't wait to take advantage of these beauts!

-Lanie W. 

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  1. I have absolutely hit the kids racks before! As another petite lady, it can be so hard to find clothing that fits properly!


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