Splurge or Save

Sometimes being a fashion obsessed college student can turn into quite the conundrum. It seems that everything I fall in love with has a hefty price tag to match. Blog hopping can quickly turn into an "Omgah I need everything" situation that never ends well. Months ago I pinned this photo of the always classically cool Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific with the most gorgeous leather duffle ever ever ever. I mean come on-

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Just, wow. Frank Clegg is a genius. However, when I found the bag online my soul was crushed when I saw its price-

Since falling in love with this leather beauty I've kept an eye out for an affordable version. Lo and behold, I was Pinteresting this week and found one that is $700 less than the Clegg bag-

So pretty, right? And so affordable! It gives off the same classic, streamlined, cool vibe without breaking the bank! To me, grown-up luggage is a necessity. While I love my Vera Bradley duffle bags and polka dot suitcase, my style has matured since I first got them in middle/high school. This bag is the perfect next step into my twenty-something travels. Do you have 'grown-up' luggage? Let me know!

ps- Everyone go check out Kayla's blog: Young Women Of Society  // she just started it and her posts are all about bringing class and grace back to our generation! I think you'll enjoy it!

-Lanie W.

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