How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

I'm petite. I stand about 5 feet 3 inches tall and have a generally small frame. Because of this I've always stayed away from baggy clothing, specifically- loose fitting pants. All the magazines say skinny style, cropped pants are the best for someone with my build. I've always listened to their advice and all of my jeans/pants are skinny-fit and snug. However, recently I was doing some online shopping and came across these on the Kate Spade Saturday site. They're perfect! Such a great color, and just slouchy enough without completely losing shape.

I think I finally need to take the jump and try out boyfriend jeans! These ladies below make them look so chic. The great thing about these jeans is that they lend a relaxed vibe and can be styled both up with heels, or down with leather flats! Take a look-

I can't wait to finally give this style a try! Do y'all like boyfriend jeans? What brand makes the best pair? Let me know! :)

-Lanie W.

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