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It's no secret that I'm a Southern girl (hello it's in the title of my blog)! I was born and raised in South Carolina, and come from generations of amazing Southerners. I count my blessing every day that I am lucky enough to live in the South, and go to an incredible Southern university full of tradition and prestige. In short: I adore the South. However, this amazing area of the country is hardly ever accurately portrayed in the media. We are often stereotyped seen as backwards, un-educated, and slow. This could not be more wrong. The South is quickly becoming a major contender in fashion, business, PR, media, and so much more.

It's true that today's world is fast-paced, flashy, and thrives on instant-gratification. Since coming to college I've walked the tricky line of trying to embrace my Southern heritage and upbringing while taking advantage of the power of technology and social media at the same time. As a twenty-something Southern woman it can be tempting to think that we have to abandon our traditional values, grace, and manners to keep up with a brash society, but that simply isn't so. Enter Modern Magnolias

My friend (and inspiration) Rules For Belles has been setting an incredible example for young women everywhere for the past couple of years. She has written over three hundred 'Rules' for the modern Southern lady to follow that teach young women lessons on the poise, grace, and class that Southern women have embodied for hundreds of years. The media constantly mis-portrays the South and RFB's new endeavor Modern Magnolias is setting out to dispel the negative stereotype, and finally let real southern women shine! Here's how The Rules describes #ModernMagnolias: 


The Idea
Over the past year I have become more and more frustrated with how little I could relate to in the media. From trashy reality shows to gossip sites, the “Southern voice” seems to be completely unacknowledged. Somewhere around 45 million people are living in the South yet we are represented in the media by Honey Boo Boo, the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the awful fake accents on Nashville or Hart of Dixie. I want to change that. Why not have people who live, work and play in the South talk about their experiences?

What is a Modern Magnolia
Every good, Southern girl has grown up watching and loving Steel Magnolias. Our Mamas and Grandmamas were living, breathing examples of how to be a Steel Magnolia. I’d define a Steel Magnolia as a Southern woman who is feminine, beautiful- both inside and out, charming and gentile while possessing all the strength, resolution and determination needed to rise above whatever hardships she may encounter. 

But what about us? What about those of us who are figuring out how to live with one foot planted in tradition while the other foot has to navigate this new world of hyper-connectivity and over-sharing?! We are the next generation of Steel Magnolias; we are Modern Magnolias


Sounds amazing right?? I am incredibly honored that she has asked me to be a founding contributor to this brilliant site and I absolutely cannot wait to get started and see where it goes! Go check out the links and get excited because the Modern Magnolias are about to take over! Follow @ModernMagnolias and @RulesForBelles on Twitter to keep up to date with the site's progress! Hope y'all are as jazzed as I am!

-Lanie W.

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  1. I'm not even from the south and I am so looking forward to this!


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