How To Wear: White Converse

Slightly embarrassing confession: I had a pair (or two) of Converse back in the days when Selena Gomez was my biggest fashion inspiration) and I was trying to figure out my style. One pair was dark grey and one was turquoise. They were loud and very different than what people I knew usually wore. I wore them to stand out but after a while I grew out of that stage, my style evolved, and I realized that they were a bit too hard for my taste.

However, lately I have been seeing Converse, or 'Chuck Taylors', all over Pinterest and the Blog-o-sphere looking super chic, classic, and cool. So what's the difference between the Chucks of middle school and today? The color! Now it's all about crisp, all white, low-tops. They look amazing with shorts, dresses, shorts, whatever the season.

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Adorable, right?? These ladies have totally changed my mind on Chucks. Rather than having a skater vibe the crisp white version gives off a classic 'American Girl' vibe that I can't get enough of! I just might have to get my hands on a pair and start styling! What do you think about white Chucks? How would you wear them? Let me know!

-Lanie W.

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