Style Crush: Reese Witherspoon

Show me one person who dislikes Reese Witherspoon and I'll show you a liar. Seriously, there is no way someone could dislike this girl! She is gorgeous, makes great movies and has a wonderful preppy and classic style to boot!

Simple colors and clean lines 

Breton Stripes and pointy flats

Layers done right

Love the gingham!
 I plan to make this a weekly series here on the blog! I already have so many people I want to write about that I can't wait to share! Am I the only one obsessed with Reese? Most celebs don't have the best or most classic personal style but she manages to keep her look away from crazy trends that seem to envelop Hollywood these days. Let me know what you think about this series or if you have anyone you would like me to post about!

Happy Monday!

-Lanie W


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! haha :) Ps- just followed your blog! Adore it! Thanks for stopping by!

    -Lanie W.


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