On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Pink- the ultimate girly color. From birth pink is the color that distinguishes girls from boys. To me it brings to mind thoughts of ballet costumes, spring flowers, sunsets, glitter, and all things happy. For most of my life I have been a more of a purple girl but this summer pink has been appearing more and more frequently in my wardrobe. Most recently I've been obsessed with fun pink Essie polishes and the neon pink sweaters of the Fall 2012 J. Crew line. (see photo below from my Instagram!)

Here are some other items inspired by my pink obsession:

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink
How amazing is that sweatshirt?! Mean girls is my absolute fave. (You go Glen Coco!)

From classics like oxfords and chinos to ballet flats and cardigans, pink makes everything just so much more fun don't you think? I know note taking will be much less boring with Essie's "Off the shoulder" on my nails! I have the Tippi Sweater and pink Chinos but I am loving the darling gingham J. Crew oxford and plan on picking it up this weekend! Styled with skinny jeans and flats or layered under a navy sweater it will be such a versatile piece for late summer/fall! How do y'all feel about pink! Let me know which of these items you're coveting!

Happy First Day of August!

-Lanie W.


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