Looks For Less: Desert Boots

With most stores already putting their fall lines on the shelves it's getting harder and harder for me to accept that it is still around 95 degrees outside. Boots are a key part of fall and winter style and this season I am all about the desert boot. I love the classic Clark's and their effortlessly cool vibe and this season's take on the minimalist shoe with the addition of a small heel has me drooling!

Desert Boot Love
Isn't it crazy how similar the Tory and Target ones are??  
I'm not going to lie, this photo of one of my all time favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, made me fall in love with these boots and I am so obsessed with how she styled them! (see photo below!)

Source: mackenziehoran.com via Lanie on Pinterest
Skinnys, a belted puffer vest, breton stripes and pearls? Pure perfection!! If y'all don't read her blog you should really go check it out, her style in impeccable! How do y'all feel about the new take on desert boots? I am thinking about splurging on the J. Crew ones this weekend but can't decide! Do y'all think I should get them??

Let me know! :)

-Lanie W. 


  1. Yes get the J-Crew one's of course :) We will be so broke this year because you'll convenience me to buy everything and I will do the same for you..so we may or may not have water, power, food, etc. but we sure as well will have a great wardrobe ;)

    See ya soon rooms!


  2. Haha who cares as long as we look fabulous?? ;) can't wait to shop shop shop on Sunday!!

    Love you roomsie!

  3. Aww I love this! Thank you so much. That J.Crew pair is amazing and I love that they are wedges! Can it please be fall already?! xx

  4. You're so welcome! And I did end up getting the J. Crew ones this weekend! So obsessed that I have been wearing them around the house since it's still pushing 100 outside haha :)

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