London Calling

With the Olympics basically taking over all forms of social media along with television it's no wonder that it is all anyone can talk about! The amazing dedication and talent of all of these athletes continues to blow me away event after event! I may or may not be completely obsessed with Gabby Douglas... I mean come on! She is so precious! While watching the hours and hours of Olympic coverage I can't help but get wistful seeing all of the lovely shots of London they keep showing. This inspired me to post about my own trip to London I took this past May while studying abroad in Europe!

Olympic Rings in the Train Station!
I have never left the US, besides a family trip to the Bahamas when I was younger, so studying abroad for a month with a group of people I didn't know beforehand was pretty nerve-wracking but I am SO glad I did! During our stay we visited six countries- Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, France, and Italy. Each amazing in their own way. We were based out of Belgium but the first place we unanimously decided to venture out of our host country to was the UK, and more specifically, London! 

Obligatory Red Phone Booth Picture
London Eye
Saint Pauls
Adorable cab
Big Ben and Parliament
Gates at the Palace
Westminster Abbey

Wonderful art Gallery

Kensington Palce

Peter Pan Statue

Kensington Gardens

So London
Mind the gap! 
Our stay in London lasted only a weekend and was, in my opinion, much too short! I would love to go back again sometime! The British have such tradition and dignity in all aspects of life that it is hard for me not to adore them completely. The Union Jack Flag is found all over London and the ever-present bright red will always remind me of my visit!

The mean Reds

Whether in a timeless dress, bright jeans or classic wellies you can't go wrong! This traditional red just screams London and until I can go back across the pond adding a pop of this great color to my wardrobe will have to do! Have y'all been to London? Let me know what you think about this great city and it's favorite color below!

Mind the gap!

-Lanie W.


  1. Mind the gap... Oh, that brings back so many memories from when I studied aboard in London. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, even if it was for a short time.

  2. I know, we heard it so many times! When we got back to Belgium we missed it though! Such a cute saying! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    -Lanie W.

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