Statement vs Dainty Jewelry

I have never been a huge jewelry person. I have my signature pieces I wear every day, like a ring that was my mom's, the pearl earrings my Grandmother gave me for High School Graduation and my gold Michael Kors watch that was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (see photo below) but when it comes necklaces I can't seem to make up my mind.

I have so many. If y'all read my post about my new apartment you saw the picture of my jewelry hanging up, but honestly I have a hard time deciding which of them to wear. Lately, my biggest delima is deciding between what type of necklace to wear- dainty or statement. In recent years statement necklaces have been all the rage but sometimes I love the simplicity of a small, understated necklace.

Statement vs Dainty

I am currently wearing a necklace, similar to the small butterfly Dogeared necklace, that was my mom's ages ago and I love how simple yet pretty it looks. On the other hand, I am dying for a J. Crew bubble necklace!! Which do y'all prefer? Dainty or statement?

Let the battle begin!

-Lanie W.


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