5 Things I Did During My Blogging Break

Hello again! I know I said that I want to write more text-heavy posts, so let's just consider this a part-two continuation of yesterday's post! Since I've been out of the loop for a bit I wanted to share a quick photographic look at what I've been spending my extra time on-

1 // Attending The Heritage in HHI (aka fan-girling over Jordan Speith, bragging on my Dad, and hanging with fun people)

2 // Relaxing at my parent's house home (sidenote: do I stop calling their place "home" now that I'm an "adult" ??)

3 // Continuing the new tradition of post-work happy hour(ssss) with my favorite foodie, May

4 // Hanging with fellow bloggers at the gorgeous Candy Shop Vintage opening party

5 // Enjoying springtime in this beautiful city aka Charleston-ing (yes, it's a verb!)

What have you been up to lately? I'd love to hear! 

-Lanie W.

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  1. I still call my parent's house home. I mean, it will always be home.


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