Swishy Pants

I feel like this always happens to me- I see a trend, hate it, then one day I turn around and I'm suddenly infatuated with the things I spent so long hating. This was recently the case with drapey/plazzo pants which I like to call "swishy pants" #myblogmyrules.

Ever since skinny jeans became the "it" jean I ditched loose fitting pants and never looked back. While I know I'll always be loyal to my skinnies, it's nice to switch things up once in a while. As I said a while back I'm digging more laid-back styles this summer and these cute pants definitely fall into that category.  Here's some fierce swishy pant inspiration:

Drapey Pants Inspo

The only problem is that there are so many cute options out there-

Swishy Pants
I finally found a pair I liked (at Forever 21 of all places) last week and was so excited! I styled mine with a loose tank, long pendant necklace, and simple sandals for dinner at our beach house.

Swishy pants

Comfortable, but still stylish = fashion win.

-Lanie W.

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