Perfectly Perforated

I started noticing perforated items in early spring, but it wasn't until recently that they completely stole my heart. Usually perforated items make me think of all things cheap, cheesy, and just not my style (anyone remember jellie shoes?! ick), but when made with the right materials they can look uber chic.

This season the perforated look has really taken off in regards to accessories. Bags, shoes, jewelry, and even iPhone cases are boasting this see-through style. In regards to shoes I think tastefully done perforation looks fabulous and provide your feet with much needed air flow that is an extra treat in the sweltering summer months. Take a look at my picks and favorite perforated items:


Obsessed. I especially think the Gap sandals and cream Kate Spade cross-body are just scrumptious. Have you gotten a perforated accessory this season?

-Lanie W. 

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