Slip-On Style

I'll be honest, this whole ugly/pretty shoe trend is confusing me (I'm looking at you Birkenstocks..). Espadrilles and slip on sneakers used to make me think of frumpy old people at the beach or kids who didn't know how to tie their shoes yet. This summer, though, they've suddenly been adopted by the fashion community and have seemingly become chic over night.

Slip-On Inspiration

Everyone from Chanel to Gap has embraced this style and I must say they make it look pretty fabulous. Gone are the cheap, ugly versions of the past; the new crop of slip-ons are utilizing everything from luxe textures like leather and snakeskin to patterns like gingham and leopard print-

Slip Ons Pt. 2

I'd pick the platinum slip-on sneaks and style them with white jeans and a loose black tee for an urban-casual look. What about you? 

-Lanie W.

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