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Happy weekend y'all! I'm sorry I'm late with my post today, but this week has been crazy (in the best way possible). Today was my last day of college. Last day. It's so cliche but I really feel like my first day of college just happened, and I simply cannot believe that the end has come so quickly. Despite the bittersweetness of being a senior, this week has been so full of happiness and I've made some amazing memories- 

Taught my last Zumba class
Road-tripped to Atlanta to see The Lion King with my sweet boyfriend
Toured the bell tower in Tillman Hall (of one of the oldest buildings/icons on our campus)
Jumped in our school's reflection pond with my best friend
Had a fabulous lunch/froyo adventure with said best friend ^ and my little 
Snuck into our football stadium and played around
Went on my first outside run of the year by the lake

I'm planning to write a more detailed post about my college experience/being a senior/how I'm feeling about this crazy transitional time in my life later on, but I just had to share a little preview since I've been bursting with love and thankfulness for life today. :)

On another note- I threw together a few links that I loved reading/watching this past week and wanted to share with y'all!

1 // This article sums up how I'm feeling about almost being done with college #dontmakemegraduate

2 // Three words- Mary Kate and Ashley

3 // Awesomely helpful productivity tips for extremely busy people (aka college students during finals)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! And to my fellow seniors- make sure you soak up every single thing and have as much fun possible in these next couple weeks! xoxo

-Lanie W.

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