Kate Spade Spring 2014

Oh, Kate Spade. You never fail to win me over with your whimsical, nostalgic, girly perfection. Each campaign has such a story built around it that gives the clothes a wonderful dose of personality. Long gone are the days when the brand was simply another face in the crowd with a few boxy handbags sprinkled throughout department stores. Kate Spade has totally revamped over the past five years and really knows how to sell an entire way of life, not just items of clothing.

Their latest ad campaign caught my eye when flipping through a magazine and inspired me to research the rest of the photos- oh, they are all just darling! Italy, a road trip, adventure, summer, and bright happy colors? Sign me up. Take a look for yourself-

Sigh, now I have wanderlust and really want to go shopping. Well played, Ms. Spade! What's your favorite ad campaign out right now? Are you loving this as much as I am? Have a great Wednesday! xoxo

-Lanie W.

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