Bucket Bags

It's simultaneously cool and bizarre to see all of these 90's trends come back into style one by one. Crop tops, flannel, mini backpacks, Birkenstocks, maxi skirts, high waisted denim, the list goes on and on. One "new again" trend I'm definitely eyeing lately is the bucket bag. These versatile bags are all the rage for spring and it's easy to see why- they're understatedly chic in a very cool, laid-back way. I love that you can wear it both on one shoulder or across your body, and that their structure makes it super easy to throw all of your stuff in without fear of it not fitting.

Their minimalist look makes them easy to pair with just about any outfit. Here's a few examples of bucket bags and the styles they've been paired with-

Don't just take it from me though, everyone's writing articles raving about these awesome bags- Glitter Guide // Elle // Who What Wear // Lucky. Go explore these links and see which bag you like best! Personally I don't think you can beat this one from Old Navy (only $25). How would you style a bucket bag?

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-Lanie W.

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