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Sigh, my birthday week is officially over and I have to say I'm a little bummed. My birthday is one of my favorite parts of the year and I always hate to see it go. However, it was a wonderful week so I really can't complain!

The actual day of my birthday was filled with so much love and happiness that I was seriously smiling all day. The morning started with a surprise Starbucks delivery (yum) from my sweet boyfriend that got even better when he gave me my present- tickets to see The Lion King at the Fox Theater in Atlanta!! I saw the show in New York when I was thirteen and it was phenomenal, so it's safe to say I'm incredibly excited to experience it again almost ten years later!

That afternoon I went for a quick run then went shopping/to Panera with my roomie. I picked up a pair of the shorts in my last post (wearing them in the photo below!) and got a free birthday cupcake at lunch (#score). To top everything off the weather was beautiful and I got to spend a little bit of time laying out by our pool before getting ready for the evening festivities- such a treat! Here's a little glimpse at my day-

I went home for the weekend early Friday morning. I honestly forgot to write my usual Friday post because as soon as I got home I hurried off to a much needed hair appointment, got my nails done, and then went to dinner with my parents. I've been so good about posting regularly so y'all will have to forgive me for this one slip up! Here's some photos from my time at home-

part of our gorgeous yard
view of the water from dinner
the most amazing tiramasu  
Not pictured: An incredible chocolate cake I had on Sunday at our family birthday get together. After three different birthday treats and eating sweets for the past week I'm definitely in detox mode! Oh, and if you saw my birthday wishlist post I'm beyond excited to report that my parents got me an iPad Mini! I'm so excited to play with it and am already in love.

All in all it was a perfect 22nd birthday and I'm so, so blessed to have the most amazing people in my life! Here's to a great week! xoxo

-Lanie W.

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