Good Things

Sigh, what a wonderful weekend! I'm continually so thankful that we get a few free days to relax, explore, and spend time recharging each week. I truly appreciate them more and more as I get older!

This weekend was especially awesome because I got to spend it with my boyfriend favorite human. We're currently long distance, so our time together is rare and cherished more than usual. We had such a wonderful few days together laughing, dancing, golfing (well, him teaching me how to golf lol), and enjoying each others company. Here's a little photographic look at our weekend:

Party at the point Friday night // band + views of the harbour = yes.
 Post-golf lesson nomming at Rita's on Folly
epic nachos con watermelon salsa :D
 Folly beach packed with peeps enjoying the sunshine
 the happiest humans :)
 crazy amazing view coming home from the beach - Charleston, you're perfect
 gorgeous evening in my neighorhood for Shaggin On The Cooper
SO much fun shagging the night away to awesome tunes with my favorite dance partner!
gorgeous blooms on a TJ's run *heart eye emoji*
a little Sunday shopping (so thankful for my patient fella for putting up with me <3) - ps I bought both pairs :D
how we feel about the weekend being over :| #boolongdistance

How was your weekend? :)

-Lanie W.

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