Favorite Celebs on Social Media

I'm a self-professed addict of the beast that is social media. I've been tweeting, pinning, 'gramming, and posting since I was a teen and have witness the rise and fall of many a site (rip MySpace). One of my favorite aspects of sosh media is getting a more realistic look into the lives of celebs. Instead of being filtered through a publicist they can share anything they choose (generally speaking). I definitely have favorite accounts that I check each day, so I've decided to share a few with y'all today!

|| Instagram - Reese Witherspoon ||

Reese is the OG girl-next-door and seriously gets more awesome with every passing year. She's one of my biggest style icons and the fact that she's a southerner (and proud of it) make me love her even more! Her Insta is a perfectly mixed bag of funny, realistic, silly and glam photos that offer a peek into her adorable life as a mom and actress. Added bonus points for her captions which never fail to make me laugh!

Instagram || Reese Witherspoon

|| Twitter - Anna Kendrick  ||

I know I'm not the only one with may-jor girl crush on Ms. Kendrick. She's pretty much the girl all of us want to be- gorgeous, hilarious, approachable, smart- I could go on and on. It's like, if she wasn't so great we would all hate her for being a perfect human. Her Twitter constantly makes me laugh/wish I was her best friend. I simply cannot wait to see her in Into The Woods and Pitch Perfect 2!!

Twitter || Anna Kendrick

Who are your favorite celebs to follow on social media? Anyone I need to add to my repertoire?

-Lanie W.

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