Mirrored Aviators

Springtime shopping is always the best, especially because my birthday is in the beginning of April. I've always loved putting together my wish-list, and this year is no exception. Lately I've been seeing a trend across Pinterest and the blog-world that I've surprisingly fallen head over heels for: mirrored aviators! I usually try to stay away from super trendy items, but I just love love love the look of these sunnies so much! I tried a pair on this past weekend and didn't want to leave the store without them! Take a look at how fabulously they go with seemingly any style-
So great, right? My only worry is that they'll only be popular for a season and by next year they'll be obsolete (isn't this always the problem with trends? sigh!) What do y'all think? I'm definitely in need of new sunnies, but should I risk choosing a trendy item, or play it safe and go with the classic dark lens? Your help/opinions are greatly appreciated! xoxo

-Lanie W. 


  1. I love those aviators, soo cute! I may have to get them for the spring/summer season this year.


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