Birthday Wishlist

So, it kinda just hit me that my birthday is just one week from tomorrow! It's super cliche to say this but I can't believe I'm turning twenty two. My twenty first birthday seemed to take forever to arrive, but this one definitely snuck up on me! This isn't as exciting of a birthday as last year, but it's still significant since it pushes me even further into adulthood (gulp).

I've always loved that my birthday is in the spring because it means I can put fun springy things on my wish list! There are a few "big" items that I'm lusting over like an iPad Mini, a "grown-up" handbag, and a nice camera. I couldn't pick which ones to include so I just added them all! This year's list is a bit more extensive because I've combined it with my graduation wish list as well. Take a look-

Birthday / Graduation Wish List

What's on your spring wish list? Which of the above items would you recommend the most? Can't wait to hear! xoxo

-Lanie W. 

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