What To Wear To Carolina Cup

This weekend I accomplished something I've wanted to do for years- I went to my first Carolina Cup! I debated back and forth about going for a while and accidentally missed the first ticket deadline. Thankfully my Little Susie texted me early last week saying she had two extra tickets, I knew it was meant to be and immediately said yes! We headed down to Camden bright and early (as in 6:30am woof) Saturday morning decked out in our Cup finest!

For those who don't know- Carolina Cup is an annual horse race held in South Carolina where everyone wears their brightest spring outfits, and ladies sport pretty sun hats. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I had a fabulous time! I've never seen so much Lilly in one place before. Ever.

My God-Mother had a beautiful spot right beside the track with all the tasty food and drinks you could imagine. However the craziest part of the day was adventuring over to college park where thousands of college kids were getting absolutely wild. I've never seen such a thing in my life y'all- pure chaos! It was super entertaining to watch and we had fun hopping around the area visiting our various groups of friends.

Here's a look at our day!

If you live in the south and have ever debated going to Carolina Cup I would definitely recommend it- we had so so much fun! I'm so happy we went and will definitely go again in the future. Hope y'all have a great Monday! xoxo

-Lanie W.

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