Easy [last minute] Costumes

I'm going to be real here, I love dressing up. As a kid I would go through no less than five outfit changes a day. "Dress up" was one of my favorite ways to play, and I still enjoy it today! Costumes are just plain fun- I love feeling like a different person for a little bit. I always feel like I can let loose a little bit more when I'm dressed up as someone else! 

Last night our sorority had a Halloween mixer and my roommate and I found ourselves scrambling to put together our costumes at the last minute. I had a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, and she found a plaid skirt, so we decided to be Blair & Minnie!

These were seriously the easiest costumes to put together, and were made using items we already had in our closets! I wore one of my moms tops from when she was in college that I snuck out of her closet, a black skirt, knee socks, and black booties! I drew on a nose/wiskers with eyeliner and was good to go! Here's how to make your own super easy Minnie costume! 

Mouse Mouse

Originally Makenzie was going to be Cher from Clueless, but then we realized she looked more like Blair from Gossip Girl since she's a brunette, so she went with that! She already had the plaid skirt, button down and loafers, and she borrowed my navy blazer and headband. Here's how to throw together this sassy look at the last minute!

Blair Waldorf
What are you going to be for Halloween?? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.

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