City Dreaming

I have always been a huge daydreamer. I think this stems from my love of reading. Ever since I learned to read I've found myself getting lost in the pages of a good book- my imagination knows no bounds. This can be both a good and bad quality, but I digress.

Yesterday I found myself hit with this huge longing for Manhattan. (this isn't the first time this has happened) I haven't been since 2009 and miss the city so so so much. I spent more time than I should have yesterday pinning to my NYC board on Pinterest and listening to jazzy big band music on Spotify trying to imagine myself strolling through the UWS and Central Park with a coffee in hand. (This is where my daydreaming capabilities come in handy!) Don't these photos just make you want to hop a flight to the city? Le sigh.

Go check out the rest of my NYC pins here! PS- I reached a milestone this weekend and hit 500 (now 501) followers on my Pinterest! Y'all should all go follow along if you haven't already ;) I hope everyone has a great Monday!

-Lanie W.


  1. I've never been to NYC but I'm dying to go! I'm crossing my fingers for a Spring Break trip!

  2. Emily- You would love love love it! So jealous you might go for Spring Break!


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