Twenty Twelve.

This is it folks. The last hours of 2012. The minutes that we pause to ask have we done everything we wanted to do this year? Were we kinder, more generous, more ambitious, more adventurous? Did we take the chances that were presented to us, did we try our best at absolutely everything including our relationships with one another?

Personally 2012 was the most emotionally devastating year of my life. I usually don't share personal things here but I decided I would make an exception tonight. This past spring I lost my younger brother. He was 18 and we were only 16 months apart in age. His death shook my entire world and I, nor my family will never be the same because of it. No one can tell you how incredibly much the loss of someone close to you feels until you experience it yourself. I miss him so terribly every single day and only have peace knowing he is with the Lord and free of pain.

As far as adventure and taking chances 2012 was full of them. In May-June I studied abroad in Brussels, Belgium through my University. It was my first time going abroad and my first time flying by myself. I didn't know anyone going on the trip yet still went, which was a huge step for me. It was the time of my life. While in Europe I traveled to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Pisa and Bruges. Traveling abroad was such a bucket list item for me and I experienced SO many amazing things and am so blessed to be able to have done them. I am endlessly thankful to my amazing parents to make this trip possible. If you want to hear more about the trip read here.

School wise I had my first 4.0 semester and declared my major (English: Writing & Publication Studies) which was wonderful. Having a direction and knowing what I want to do with my life is an amazing feeling and I couldn't be more pleased about where my future is headed.

My little blog was created in July of this year and is one of the best things I did all year. I love blogging and the blogs that I read every day. I get endless inspiration from the posts all you lovely ladies create and share each day. 2012 was really a style defining year for me. I took my personal style in a specific direction and couldn't be more pleased with it. I feel as I grow and mature I am figuring out more and more who I am and who I want to aspire to be as I get older. The preppy way of life and classic style is absolutely the road I want to take with my life and 2012 was the beginning of my journey down that road.

Overall I loved 2012 and really matured more than I have any other year. The incredible ups and downs this year has taken will never be paralleled by any other year. I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower, tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain, swam in the Mediterranean Ocean, made a 4.0, started a blog I am so passionate about, determined my personal style, made new friends, fell in love with my state/the South in general, turned 20 and became more independent than ever. It can only get better :)

Cheers to an amazing, healthy, happy and prosperous and even better 2013!!!

-Lanie W.

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