Getting Snood-y

Snood. A funny word for a decades old trend. Once very popular in the 1940's and 50's the snood has come back in full force this fall and winter and I can't get enough! Scarves are an obsession of mine. They can turn an otherwise plain outfit into a major statement and come in so many different colors and textures. The best part is that they're available at so many different price points! From Target to Burberry the fashion world is embracing these beauties in their own unique way. Heres a few fun examples of some lovely ladies rocking this timeless trend:

Selena dresses her snood down with a cozy cardigan.

Blake looks fabulous in this classic Burberry plaid version.
Confession-Winter is my least favorite time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas time but January through March just seems to drag on and on. Perhaps because my birthday is in April...but, I digress. The only thing that gets me through the dreary winter season is the fun cold weather clothing I get to wear! This year I have had one motto: the cozier and chunkier the knit, the better. The snood fits so perfectly into that category. With one of these babies around your neck you can face the chillest of January days. Here's a few of my top picks!


Have y'all jumped on the snood bandwagon? Can't wait to hear what you think of this cozy trend!

-Lanie W.


  1. LOVE snoods! I would actually rather buy a snood than a regular scarf, anyday. American Apparel makes great circle scarfs that are so big and warm I bring them on planes to use as blankets!


  2. Ahhh I need all of these! So cute! Found your blog from the Being Greek ADPi page, and had to follow a fellow sister :)
    <> Love from Illinois State,

  3. @ Emily- Thanks so much for the reccomendation! I'll have to check them out! :)

    @ Denise- Thank you so much!! Always wonderful to connect with a fellow sister! WLFEO! <> :)


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