Tall Black Boots

To me black has always been a tricky color. It is definitely a color that changes drastically by the way you style it. Black can be either very harsh and rock inspired or incredibly sophisticated and chic. Of course it is the most universally slimming color and every girl needs an "LBD" but I have never been able to incorporate it into my wardrobe very well, especially in regards to shoes. I have a pair of black flats but lately on blogs and Pinterest I have been seeing a lot more simple and polished black boots that have really been catching my eye. Take a look at some of the pictures sparking my interest:

I love the way these ladies chose to style these simple boots with various layers and textures. They look amazing with black pants or tights and can be so easily styled in different ways whether dressed up with a silk blouse or down with a chambray shirt and scarf! Here's so options I have my eye on:

Black Beauty

What do y'all think about black boots? Totally chic or too harsh? I personally only have boots that are brown so black might be a welcome change in my wardrobe. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Happy Weekend!

-Lanie W.


  1. Just found your blog! So cute, just followed you! Black boots literally can be worn so many ways - I love wearing them with black jeans or leggings. Definitely a wardrobe necessity!

    go for the glam

  2. Thank you for the follow! I just went and checked out/followed yours as well! Love it! And I so agree, I am trying to decide on the perfect pair at the moment! Thanks so much for stopping by! Xx


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