Americana: An Ode to Michael Kors

I know I've talked about this collection before, but one post just isn't enough. I took a shopping trip to Atlanta with my roommate this past weekend and had the opportunity to go into an actual Michael Kors store and see all of these items in person for the first time. Being able to touch and try on some of the pieces from the collection made me fall deeper in love than I even thought possible. 

The combination of laid back elements like the most perfect wash/fit jeans and a chunky knit cream sweater with polished elements like a silky equestrian print blouse, exquisite gold jewelry, and beautifully constructed jackets is absolute genius. 


And can we also take a moment to appreciate the footwear and accessories in this collection? I have never been so enamored with a shoe as I am with the Lesly bootie. The design is so sleek and easy, and the color of the leather brings to mind vintage riding boots or marled caramel. And as usual is jewelry and handbags are as simple yet gorgeous as ever.

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The colors of this collection really hit the nail on the head. Washed out blue jean, orange, camel, hunter green, gold, cream, and chocolate brown work together and separately so beautifully. I have never seen a collection that walks the line between glamour and simplicity so wonderfully. I can't get enough.

His collection is so essentially American, which I love. Some designers are very out-there for my classic taste but season after season he sticks with looks that make me proud of our fashion legacy in this country.  Kors is one of the designers, in my opinion, that can capture the American style to the T. My current inspiration file is full of his leathers, knits, blouses, gold jewelry and beautiful handbags. Can I pretty please just have it all? Sigh.. that would be the ultimate dream. Until that day comes I will continue to dream of this collection and all of the ways I would style it if it were mine. 

Happy Humpday!

-Lanie W.

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