Last night I biked over to Shem Creek to watch the sunset around 8:30. I stood there admiring the way the pastel colors in the evening sky were reflected by the slow moving waters of the marsh below. Birds flew lazily overhead, hermit crabs scurried about- I felt at one with the world and its creatures. It was extraordinarily peaceful and my heart felt full and at rest. I was safe and at home in this low country scene that's surrounded me for most of my life.

It's so hard to imagine that at that same time a murderer was sitting in a Church just miles away, plotting his vicious attack on innocent people. Tragedies are terrible no matter where they occur, but when one happens in your city, home, and happy place.. it hits you so much more deeply and personally.

The only peace I can find in this that these kind, innocent people are with their Lord and Savior now and free of the terrors of this world. My deepest and most sincere prayers, thoughts, and love go out to the victims, their families/friends, and the entire city of Charleston. Religious freedom is what our country was built on, and to think that we aren't safe in our places of worship is too heart-breaking to consider. Lord, be with us all during this tumultuous time in our world. We need Your grace and peace now more than ever. <3

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