As you can probably tell by my blog name, I love a traditional looks with a modern twist. One of my favorite variations of this that I've come across recently is the matching separates trend. Usually I really dislike over-done 'matchy matchy' outfits, but these sets manage to come across decidedly cool rather than cheesy.

From plain to patterned these sassy combinations are perfect for instances when you want to look a step above every day casual, but still low-key enough for daytime. I've pulled together three different categories of matching separates that range in style from from prettily retro to unapologetically modern. Take a look-

|| Feminine || 


|| Bold ||


|| Delicate ||


Have you delved into this matchy look? Unlike some trends I find it really wearable and can definitely see it continuing into fall with heavier fabrics, longer sleeves, and booties. Which of the three categories would you choose? Hope you're having a lovely Monday!

-Lanie W. 

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