I'm back y'all! Finals week is over and summer is here in full swing! I'm still doing my internship and am taking a couple summer courses, but I'm excited for things to slow down a bit and to be able to focus on having fun! My friends and I plan on doing as much as possible this summer before we graduate and go our separate ways in August (gulp, still in denial about graduating).

Since I last blogged I've falled head over heels for a look I've seen all over lately- the embroidered, flowy, peasant style.

Surprisingly, Forever 21 has some great pieces in this particular style. When it comes to trends I like shopping there because you can get less-classic pieces that will last you a season or two and not have to  break the bank.

Last month I got this blouse from J. Crew factory, and picked up this tank from F21 over the weekend. I'll probably end up going back for more - I just can't get enough! This is definitely going to be my new go-to style for the summer months. What's your favorite summer look? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.

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