Complete the Pleats

Pleats have always been a tricky style for me. They usually bring to mind the unfortunate looking fully pleated jean mini-skirts that were popular during my middle school days. Ever since then I've tried to stay away from them in all forms, but lately pleats have been popping up on my radar in a surprisingly chic way.

Unlike the big, boxy pleats of the past these micro pleats lend an air of whimsy to maxi skirts and sleek dresses. I think they're just perfect for a summer day out on the town or an evening get together with friends. Usually I would try to stay away from long items of clothing during the warm summer months, but these pieces are perfectly light and breezy. Take a look-
How would you style a pleated skirt or dress? Do you think this style should stay in the past? Can't wait to hear! xoxo

-Lanie W.


  1. I love pleated skirts, they are so cute! I would probably style mine with an oversized sweater and statement necklace. I need one of these for a breezy summer day like you said. Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend!


  2. I have a pink, long, pleated skirt very similar to the third one from the bottom and I like to wear it with a cropped top and sandals. I have also worn it with a chambray button down like the pic on the bottom... it is surprisingly versatile!


  3. Hey Lanie, just a heads up. I am not sure if it just my computer or what but when I go to type in your new blog URL it prompts me to redirect to your old blog URL! Just thought you should know!


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