Target Treasures

Eep, can y'all believe Christmas is ONE week from today?? Sometimes I think I almost love the buildup to the holiday more than the actual day. The anticipation of Christmas is so exciting and I love having such a wonderful day to look forward to! With just one week left your shopping is either completely done, or you haven't even started.  Personally I just finished mine up this morning, woo hoo!

I was perusing Target yesterday on a shopping trip and saw the most gorgeous plaid Merona scarves in, get this, the men's section! They are so so soft and the best part is that they're currently on sale for $12!! Last year the plaid Merona scarves sold out before I could get one, and once the word gets out about these they're likely to go just as fast! Go scoop one these babies up before they're gone, no one has to know they're from the guys section! :)

PS- It's National Free Shipping Day! Go check out what retails are participating here! Hope the rest of your shopping goes smoothly! The countdown is on!

-Lanie W.

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  1. I love those two scarves!



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