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I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty much a fail of a girl when it comes to the makeup and beauty side of things. My routine has always been super simple (foundation/blush/mascara), and I've always had a bit of envy for girls who are talented at utilizing the more complex items that I have never dared to try.

Somehow over Thanksgiving Break I stumbled upon Sarah Belle's Youtube Channel and got hooked. (I seriously have watched so many of her videos in the past week - whoops!) Her look is super fresh while at the same time really accentuating her natural beauty in a great way. She totally inspired me to expand my knowledge/use of makeup way past where I currently am! I am almost 22 for goodness sake, it's about time! (hehe)

After this dose of inspiration I added some of the beauty items she raved about her her videos to my own Christmas Wish List: the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, the Hot Tools 1 inch Ceramic Curling Iron, and the Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palate.
Christmas 2013 Beauty Items

Other than Miss Sarah's recommendations I added a few other beauty items I'm currently lusting after- 

The adorable Julep 'Little Lights' nail polish set is seriously just perfect for the holidays! I would wear the red and green for Christmas and the electric blue and gold for New Years! 

Of course I had to add the Tory Burch Perfume, which I'm sure is on every girls wish list this year! I've smelled samples and it's just wonderful- as if I would expect anything else from her! 

I am a big blush person, so when I saw the Bobbi Brown Cheek Tint on Design Darling and read the super positive product reviews, I decided I need to try it for myself!

Last, but certainly not least, I included the Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush. I have heard rave reviews about this special brush since middle school and have always wanted one. Apparently it works wonders for the hair with only a few strokes - plus, it's just so pretty!

What are your favorite beauty items? Share them with me! 

-Lanie W.

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