Morning Routine Tips

Hello lovelies- Today I've decided to switch it up up on the blog and do a non-fashion post!

Morning used to be my least favorite time of day. I am a very hard sleeper and put my parents through agony each morning by being a horrible person to wake up. However, once I got to college and suddenly became in charge of getting myself up and to class on time everything changed. 

I am a creature of habit and love routines, after a while I finally found a morning routine that worked for me and I began to enjoy the start of the day! I love waking up earlier than I have to so that I have time to sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast instead of rushing around like a crazy person- here's a look at my typical mornings.

Morning Routine

I usually wake up and go straight to the coffee pot- I like for the coffee to brew while I apply my makeup and get dressed for the day. (Multi-taskting really saves time in the morning!)

My makeup routine is super simple and easy. I'm very low maintenance when it comes to beauty products and like my makeup to look as natural as possible. I can seriously do my makeup and get dressed in around 8 minutes tops, which is perfect because as soon as I'm done the coffee is usually just finishing up brewing! 

5 Minute Makeup

Coffee and breakfast is without a doubt my favorite meal of the day. I tend to get obsessed with one certain food and eat it for years at a time. For example, for most of high-school I ate wheat toast, then I moved on to Cinnamon Life Cereal and skim milk, then whole wheat Eggo waffles. Now, I am beyond obsessed with oatmeal! I discovered OatFit my Sophomore year but never gave it the proper attention until midway through Junior year. Now, I can't imagine not eating it!

Lately I've been adding my own touch to oatmeal and it tastes even better. Chia seeds are a superfood that give a nutrient punch to the start of the day. After the oatmeal is done cooking (only 1:30 in the microwave) I usually mix in a spoonful of these little guys then add a few shakes of cinnamon, but my favorite add-in is definitely almond butter. I usually add a spoonful on top last then mix it in. Here's a look at my typical breakfast-

Morning Oatmeal

And there you have it- my mornings! What does your morning routine look like? Do you love your routine as much as I do? I can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.


  1. I actually wake up and shower, then go back to sleep for a little while my hair dries in a towel I wrap around my head. Takes shorter to blow-dry and is much less damaging on my hair!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. I need to start waking up earlier and creating a pattern for myself, because I'm such a night owl! I can't seem to ever go to sleep before 1:00-ish, and ideally, I'd wake up around 10:00 everyday. In the mornings I usually sleep until the very last second, then run around to shower and get ready for class. Maybe someday I'll actually become an adult... :)



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