Clemson Gameday

Oh my word. Tomorrow is about to be the biggest event of our entire football season, and I can hardly keep myself from doing a constant happy dance in anticipation. ESPN's College Gameday is hosting its first show of the 2013 season from Clemson!!

The show hasn't been here since 2006 so this is basically a huge deal for us. What makes it even more exciting is that we're playing The University of Georgia who we haven't played since 2003! Both teams are (preseason) ranked in Top 10 so it's sure to be an exciting game. All in all, it's shaping up to be an incredible weekend win or lose!

In the South we do football the right way. Our tailgates have a better set up than some people's living rooms and include every great food you can imagine. We deck out in our cutest outfits featuring team's colors, and we simply have way too much fun. There are a few ingredients that make a great gameday-

1. The perfect outfit-

Jean shorts and a t-shirt? Not in the South. Girls deck out in their sassiest sundresses, skirts, colored skinnies, or chinos and boys wear button downs, khakis, and loafers. Simply put- just because we're attending a sporting event (and it's probably 90+ outside) doesn't mean we can't look fabulous. I wrote this post about gameday outfits last fall- go check it out!

2. A great tailgate-

Clemson won Southern Living's best tailgate competition last year, and for good reason! Many people have satellite televisions with huge speakers, furniture, huge grills, heaters/fans, and as much homecooked food as you can imagine. Tailgating is an event in itself and many people come don't even go in the game since they have the perfect place to watch right outside the stadium (sidenote: I am a diehard Clemson football fan and always go into the game). Tailgate hopping is so much fun and a great way to spend the pre-game hours!

#3. A Passionate Team Spirit-

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One of my biggest pet-peeves are people who claim to be Clemson fans but don't raise their voice once during the game, or get quiet if we start to do badly. I am a generally tame person, but on Saturdays in Death Valley I become a crazy football lady. Regardless of the score I don't stop cheering from the minute the game beings until the very end, and I will inevitably lose my voice multiple times throughout the season because of this. I am insanely dedicated to cheering on my Tigers and doing everything I can to make the people around me excited about the game no matter what is happening. When I wake up the day after a game my legs and arms are usually sore from jumping around and waving my arms so much. The best way to have an amazing game experience is to throw your image to the side and make a fool of yourself for your team- trust me it's so much more fun that way. 

There you have it- my tips to an awesome gameday! How do you make gameday the best it can be? Any tips to share? I can't wait to hear! Oh and.. Go Tigers! 

-Lanie W.

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