What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

It's that time of the year again folks, wedding season. I'm headed back to the lowcountry this weekend to attend a wedding of a friend from home. It seems like every weekend from here until July there is a wedding or event! Spring and summer weddings can be tricky especially if they are outdoors, or in the South in general. The South may be beautiful but man oh man can it be hot and buggy at times. To combat the elements I usually opt for a cocktail length dress in a breezy fabric that will be comfortable in the heat. I love the idea of a flowy dress in a bright, solid color. So comfy, but also so chic, and the colors are perfectly on trend.

Spring Wedding

The perfect companion to a bright dress is a neutral shoe. Whether you plan on dancing the night away or simply attending the ceremony any of these would be the perfect compliment to a fun dress! I just love all three, particularly the strappy sandals. But that's another subject for another post ;) 

Wedding Guest Shoes

And of course you can't forget jewelry! With a solid dress you could either go the simple route with pearls, or jazz it up with a colorful statement necklace! I love the shorter collar style versions that don't hang down too far.

Wedding Necklaces

Which combination (dresss+heels+neckalce) would you choose? Can't wait to hear your choices!  

-Lanie W.

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