Classy Crop Tops

Crop tops. I remember seeing teenagers wear these in the 90's and thinking they were so cool. They can  be super sleazy looking but lately I've seen so many celeb's paring them with high waisted shorts and skirts so that only a small part of the stomach actually shows, which surprisingly looks very fresh and fun without being too much.

It takes so guts to pull off this combo but with spring break and my birthday coming up I have the perfect excuse to give it a shot! Here's some options of tops I've been looking at to try:


Obviously I'm especially loving the striped versions, not that that's surprising because I am obsessed with stripes. However, there are some other outfits I've seen online while searching that I like as well:

crop tops

What do y'all think about this trend? It's definitely out of my comfort zone but sometimes you have to take risks right? Takes my logic any way. Let me know what you think!!

-Lanie W.


  1. I'm a fan of crop tops in the right setting! Obviously I wouldn't wear them to church or classes at school, but for a night on the town or a beach vacation they're perfect. :-) I had a couple cute ones that I wore for beach trips last summer! LOVE the ones you picked out here!

    xoxo Miss ALK


  2. When they are styled right, I love crop tops! The stripped ones you picked out are great!


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