Checking In

I feel like such a bad blogger. I just realized I haven't blogged in over two weeks, what a fail! Safe to say school has been insane. Literally every single day for the past two weeks have been completely scheduled in order for me to write papers, study for midterms, do homework and readings, blah blah blah. When everything is like that fun things like blogging have to fall to the wayside, but I am happy to say I got through it and am officially on Spring Break!!

My friends and I leave for a cruise to the Bahamas on Monday!

I get to start and end my break with two weekends at home with my family which is awesome. I spent today outside listening to my brother's band play at a town event then eating lunch and shopping with my parents. Spring shopping is my FAVORITE. Let's just say my wardrobe is doing a happy dance.

Spring Fashion Finds

 I hit the jackpot at J. Crew, Gap, Old Navy, and Target! So in love with everything I got! The actual shirt dress from Gap is plain chambray, no polka dots, but I couldn't find I picture of it online! I especially can't wait to style my new hat and know I will have so much fun pairing it with different items on the trip. I am obsessed with both pairs of shorts I found! The anchor print pair are too perfect and I love the classic nautical feel of the green J. Crew shorts. I'm just so pleased with all the goodies I found!

Anyway I am so glad to be back at blogging and so sorry I abandoned y'all the last couple of weeks! I won't be on here this week since I'll be on a cruise ship but once break is over I'll be back in full force!

Anchors Aweigh! (And Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

-Lanie W.

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