Turkey Day Dressing

Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is in a couple of days?? Seriously, where has this year gone? Thanksgiving has always been a more low key holiday in my family, usually spent at my Mom's side's annual family reunion or with my Dad's family. A couple years ago, due to my planning, we hosted Thanksgiving at my house and I loved it. I simply cannot wait to have my own home and little family and host the most amazing holiday dinners. I plan to go all out for every holiday and think planning is just so much fun!

Laid Back Dinner

Relaxed Thanksgiving

This might just be one of my favorite outfits ever. Barbour, Bean Boots, KJP bracelet, plaid button down and the most perfect L.L. Bean sweater ever? Yes please! This is close to what I will be wearing this Thanksgiving and I can't wait!
Dressy Dinner

Dressy Thanksgiving

I love the thought of having a dressy Thanksgiving Dinner celebration complete with china, crystal,  candlelight, and soft jazz music playing in the background. My senior year of high school we attended a family friends' Thanksgiving Dinner on the Upper East Side in Manhattan at their dining club and it was so incredible. Looking back I wish I would have dressed a bit nicer but alas, I was in high school and hadn't quite found my personal style yet. When I host my own dinners I plan to make them formal so everyone can dress to the nines. :)

Hopefully in about five years I will be able to hold up to this promise and actually host Thanksgiving! For now I will spend the holiday with my family in a relaxed manner eating Turkey and being thankful for the many, many blessings I have in my life. What are y'all planning on wearing for Turkey Day?

-Lanie W.


  1. My family Thanksgiving is pretty laid back too. I posted about it today. But I also think it would be so fun to dress up and have a fancy Thanksgiving! Most of my family would probably roll their eyes though haha. But maybe someday ;)

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

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