Christmas Wish List: Item #3

Y'all. I have become unhealthily addicted to researching and trying to find the perfect vintage version of  the next item on my list. While brainstorming what to ask Santa for I tried to think of what was missing from my wardrobe. I quickly realized I was lacking one of the hallmark, must have, perfectly preppy clothing items owned by true blue preps everywhere- the L.L. Bean Norwegian and Fisherman Sweaters.

Originating in Ireland and Norway and made for fisherman in frigid northern climates these sweaters are incredibly warm and perfect for fall and winter. In the 80's preppy revival combined with the mention of these sweaters in the cult classic "Official Preppy Handbook" took the popularity of these to the next level and Bean couldn't keep them re-stocked before they flew off the shelves again.

The sweaters disappeared sometime in the early 90's and have been brought back in recent years due to popular demand. The newer sweaters cost around $150 on the L.L. Bean website however sites like eBay and Etsy offer authentic vintage versions which are what I have my eye on. If you're lucky maybe you can find them in a local thrift store but I'm banking on finding one online.

Vintage L.L. Bean Sweaters

Sigh. They are just so completely perfect- thick and warm and perfectly preppy in every way. Practicality and timelessness and clothing that gets better with age are the hallmarks of preppy fashion and I don't think one could build a preppy wardrobe without these beauties. I am currently day-dreaming about pairing them with perfectly worn in skinny jeans, boots and a cozy scarf while Christmas shopping for loved ones. Please bring me some Santa, I've been so good! :)

Do y'all have any of these sweaters? Are they as amazing as I'm imagining them to be? Let me know!

-Lanie W.

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