White After Labor Day

If you're like me you've heard this "rule" pretty much your entire life. After Labor Day you put your white and seersucker away until Easter Sunday. That's just how it is here in the South (and everywhere else too I'm assuming?). But lately, especially on Twitter and the Blogosphere, I have seen many people proudly breaking this rule, calling it outdated and silly. Personally I follow the no white rule, however I don't have white shoes or pants anyway so it may be easier for me, but I digress.

Come on TSwift...
Then there is the issue of "Winter White". Where does this fit into the no white rule? The difference in "Winter White" and "Summer White" to me would be different shades of the same essential color. Winter Whites are much more cream based than stark Summer Whites. My favorite Southern Blogger, Rules For Belles, is very specific about this difference and is one of the main champions for the no white rule that I know.

 In honor of this hot button topic I thought I would share some good "Winter White" options to hold us over until next April :)

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I am obsessed with these creamy ensembles! What are y'alls' thoughts on the no white rule? Do you follow it religiously or rebel against it? I can't wait to hear what you think!

-Lanie W.

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