How to Wear: Moccasins

Let me start by saying I have never been a huge fan of moccasins. Of course I've always seen them sold in stores and thought they looked cute on other people but they were just a bit too themed for me. I always felt like I was wearing a costume when I tried them on. Fast forward to yesterday- while shopping with my Mom and Brother I randomly decided to pop in Old Navy to see if I could find anything. I wandered around but nothing really caught my eye until I saw these babies in the shoe section:

The Old Navy Bow Tie Moccasin. They only had one pair left and they just happened to be my size! I tried them on on a whim and oh my gosh. They are easily one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on! They fit just right and had the cutest detailing without being over the top. My favorite detail is the on the back:

So obsessed with the purple beads! Purple just happens to be one of my favorite colors and also one of my college's colors! The best part? They were on super sale and only $15! How could I pass that up?! I can't wait to pair them with leggings and my patagonia for lazy days and with jeans and sweaters for class! 


What do y'all think about moccasins? Do you like them or think they are too over the top for everyday wear? Can't wait to hear what you think!

Have an amazing Monday!

-Lanie W.


  1. I'm a moccasin lover as well! I have an old Ugg pair that I pretty much wear out every day when it starts getting cold out. Ah what a great idea! I just found your blog through the Being Greek blog :) I'm also giving away a gold monogram necklace on my blog this week and I would love for you to enter! http://lovealamodeblog.com/2012/09/25/giveaway-100-monogram-necklace-from-nashelle-jewelry-design/

  2. That's so cool you found my blog that way! :) I'll go check out your giveaway for sure! Thanks for stopping by! Xx


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