One Year Blog Anniversary

To many, today may simply be July 22nd, but to me it will forever be Southern Preppy Chic's birthday!

I've always had ideas running through my head that I usually took care of by an afternoon of outfit creating (aka dress-up), but last July I finally decided to do something more productive about all my ideas by jumping into the blog world!

I had so much inspiration around me that I just had to get it out in some way, and so this little blog was born! I've loved being able to share things that spark my interest, do some collaborative posts with brands, and get to know all of you! I so appreciate that people choose to come and read what I have to say about fashion- no matter how small my readership may be.

I've been thinking about the direction I want this blog to go in the future, and I want to keep it generally the same. I love that it is primarily fashion based, however I've realized that most of my favorite blogs (that I read religiously) are all lifestyle based. These bloggers share things about their lives that I usually just don't talk about on SPC. 

So I pose the question- would y'all like more lifestyle/non fashion posts on the blog? I do have ideas in this area, but I've always seen this space as a place to talk about style, not me. I'd love to hear your feedback because it really helps me decide what works and what doesn't!

I just can't wait to see where this blog takes me in the future! I've had so much fun and learned so much the past year, but if I know one thing it's that the best is yet to come. :) Hope you'll continue this journey with me! Xoxo

-Lanie W.

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